Tuesday, November 7, 2017


PBL: Volcanoes
My Model

This is me and my buddy Pinenga's model of a volcano. These are the things me and my buddy used to make our model: Newspaper,Glass jar,paper roll,paint,cardboard and stones.

Have you ever wondered how volcanoes/ puia pākai erupt or how they are formed ?This is a report that is going to tell you how volcanoes erupt ,how they are formed and what impact they have on the world. Did you know that the tallest volcano now is Mauna Kea. Mauna Kea last erupted on the 15th of April 1984. Also in pompeii the lost city a volcano erupted and covered/ropi the whole area and some villagers around pompeii. They were mostly destroyed and buried under 4 to 6 m of volcanic ash and pumice.

What are volcanoes
Volcanoes are formed when Magma from the earth's upper mantle works its way to the surface. When it gets to the surface it erupts and you will see Lava and ash coming out of the top of the volcano. Volcanoes erupt when pressure from below the volcano increases. Then the magma burst through the crust. Now the volcano will erupt. Why volcanoes erupt is because of the tectonic plates they can move outwards or inwards. The magma is under the tectonic plates so when they move outwards the magma comes through the gap. When magma is on the surface it is called lava. There are four layers of the earth. The inner core , outer core, mantle and the crust.

The Earth's layers, showing the Inner and Outer Core, the Mantle, and Crust. Credit: discovermagazine.com
The layers of the earth

Volcanic Rocks

Color: Black
How It Is Formed: Obsidian is volcanic glass formed as an igneous rock. It is produced when lava cools rapidly with minimal crystal.

Facts: Obsidian can only form near active volcanoes.
When obsidian breaks, the fractures are very sharp which is why it was used for tools.
Color: Light coloured
How It Is Formed: The materials cool so fast that it can't get its crystal form.

Facts: Pumice is short for Pumicite

The size of pumice can be
tiny dust or pieces that are the size of a house.
Group: Volcanic and igneous
Color: White
How It Is Formed: Rhyolite is a igneous volcanic rock.The mineral is usually quartz

Facts: Eruptions not only produce Rhyolite, but volcanoes can also produce Pumice, Obsidian, and other rocks to.

What impact volcanoes have on the world we live in ?
Volcanoes can be positive and negative in different ways. This table will show all of the positive and negative things about volcanoes

Farming : When a farm is close to a volcano it is good because the volcanoes gives the plants nutrients for it to grow.
Heating : volcanoes are good for heating because the steam can be used for turning into electricity through some pipes. Like geothermal heating in Taupo.
Metals : when a volcano erupts the lava is made of some useful metals, such as Aluminum eg cans,window frames,foils,airplane parts,Iron eg roofs,tools,buildings,vehicles, Magnesium eg iron,aluminum,air crafts,phones,computers and other electronic components and batteries. Titanium eg air crafts,spacecrafts and missiles because it has the ability to withstand extreme temperature.
Stones/Rock : when volcanoes erupt they can produce stones and rocks like obsidian and  pumice they are Volcanic rocks.  

Destruction/Damage : When volcanoes erupt they can destroy houses,trees and more.
Harmful : When a volcano erupts there is lava and ash. Ash is harmful because it carries poisonous gases in the air. It affects humans,plants and animals.lava is harmful because it can start fires and also death.
Pollution : Magma contains gases which cause most volcanic eruptions.
They are caused by
Lahar,lava,gases and ash

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Images for writing

The Ice Castle

One day me and my friends Sienna,Dannii,Jada and Paige were having a sleepover at my house.We decided to go exploring through the woods that were right behind the house.

We were standing at the front of the forest there were cut down trees everywhere i looked.We started walking slowly through the forest.I saw this thing moving from bush to bush Sienna said it is just what i am thinking.I saw it again this time it was a huge shadow.“what is that” RUN it was chasing us we sprinted all around the forest until we saw huge trees that were telling us to come closer.Dannii said “come on”
It suddenly sounded like someone was scrambling around us.We entered the humongous gates right in front of us there was a giant ice castle it was taller then the clouds.Dannii said “ don't be scaredy cats let's go inside” then Paige said “can we go back home” .
We slowly walked towards the door it sounded like someone was in haer.THe door shut behind us it might have been the wind.There was a spiral staircase it must have been leading up to the next story so we headed up and on that story there was another staircase.Finally we reached the top there was another room leaning of the edge.”Should we go in” there was a little girl sitting in the corner crying it went to complete silents.
Your trapped.

Sprinting to the door ice scratchers guard the door but there was a window on both sides of us there was a wooden chair to rest your feet on Sienna picked it up and trought towards the window “quick jump out the window we scrambled to the window i wasn't sure if we were going to make it in time the ice castle was collapsing sprinting out the gates and through the forest we finally made it back home before tea was served. We laid down on the mattress“it's over now” i said

The End

Monday, May 29, 2017

Thank you letter

Room 6/7
Parkvale School
Howard Street 4122

Dear Steven

I am writing this letter to say thank you for coming to camp.
Thank you for all that you have done like helping me in the caves and all the different obstacles.
I like how you were supporting me in whatever I did.

The first highlight for me was doing the confidence course at night.The bit that I enjoyed was the wire bridge because it was challenging for me to get across without it wobbling everywhere.I also liked getting around the other things when we were shuffling around.

The second highlight was the amazing race because in some activities it was challenging and some others weren’t. Even though we had an injured person we still came second.The part that I liked the most was making the four bedroom house with 16 cards.

My last highlight was masterchef because I learnt how to make pancakes and other types of food as well.I liked when we were cooking breakfast for Murray because he was commenting on what he liked and what he thinks we should work on.

A interesting fact I learnt is that Lake Waikaremoana  is 248m deep with trees still visible under water.

Yours Sincerely :


Monday, March 20, 2017

My special place

My Special Place
-My backyard

1.What i hear       2.What i felt      3.What i smelt     4.What i see

My special place is a place that is green with flowers everywhere I look.As i layed in the grass it was like it sucked me in.As it sucked me in it looked like the grass grew taller and taller it stopped when it was taller then my face.In my special place there is a fence around the Area so that cats don't just walk on in.My special place is a big area so we can run around on.Also it has a 10 meter long swimming pool with a protected fence surrounding the pool.

I heard the trees swishing and going from side to side while dark green leaves rained down on me.I heard the sound of crickets calling out to each other with fright.I heard the splashing of the water exploding out of the pool when each person lined up to jump in.The sound of the dogs barking with the sirens going down the streets.

I felt the dew running down my back it felt like a slimy eel slithering across my back.I laid in the silky grass.The grass dangled around my legs and tickling my ears.The leaves falling onto my face as I took a nap under the trees.I felt my goggles digging into my eyes as I swam through the water like a shark gliding to the surfus.

I smelt the smell of someone cooking cookies I also smelt the smell of poo,dog poo
“Yuck”.I smelt the fresh air as I bounced on a trampoline up high in the air.

I saw the birds flying across the sky like jet planes.I saw helicopters flying through the sky slowly like snails

Written by Caitlyn

Monday, February 20, 2017

All about me

All about me

My best memory:
My best memory was when I got my puppy she was a few months old when we got her.We got her from a friend of my dad's his name was Leo.The type of bread she is a Lockly she is a rare breed.When my mum got her she new the name that it was going to be Zena. The minute I saw her I fell in love with her I asked my mum if she could sleep in my bedroom for the night she said “yes”.

What makes me laugh:
What made me laugh is one day Mum,Dad.Harrison,Natalie.We went to the amp show.The first place Natalie wanted to go was the animal part.The man said that we could go in with the sheep.Natalie bent down to pick up some hay to feed the sheep but the sheep thought that Natalie's hair was hay and ate her hair.

My most loved hobby:
My most loved hobby is netball because when I was a year two at school my mum entered me in to play netball. After that I loved netball.I saved up some money so I could buy a netball hoop and ball and so I could practice my shooting for that week because I was shooting for the whole game.

Fun fact about me:

Every week end i like to bike down to my Nanas with my little sister Natalie,my dad Michael and me Caitlyn. I bike on my new bike my little sister bikes on my old bike and my dad bikes on my brothers bike.